Friday, December 02, 2011

Why I Love Living In The Country

This photo was taken out at Labertouche not far from where the boys went to primary school.

Brodie & I were talking the other day about why it's great to live in the country. Here's a list of some of the reasons why I love it so much.
  • where else can you see a tractor driving through the main street of town?
  • sometimes you may see a tractor parked at the local pub and the farmer has gone into the pub for a beer
  • you may get to see a farmer and his tractor driving through the bottle shop at the pub
  • things move at a slower pace
  • there isn't all that traffic congestion during 'peak' hour 
  • peak hour consists of 10 - 15 cars waiting at the round about and the congestion lasts for 10 minutes or less
  • you can actually see the stars at night & the sky looks really pretty
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