Saturday, December 03, 2011

WIP - Robin Hood

For the past few days I have been knitting a toy Robin Hood from a Jean Greenhowe pattern.

Robin Hood
I like how I get to make the boots/legs first then join them together to make the rest of the body & head. It's so much easier than one of Jeans other patterns where you make the legs & feet separately and sew them together later. Hmm maybe I can adapt the other pattern I have & make them in one piece. Something wroth trying later I guess.

I'm stuffed!
I don't think I added enough toy filling. Only time will tell when I make the bottom half of the jacket.

A different angle
Robin is meant to be around 31cm tall (around 12 inches). 
I haven't measured him but that's what the pattern said.

Robin has his face on now but he is totally armless :P
You if I made this with black pants, a light blue shirt, dark brown or black hair and pointy ears he could almost pass for Mr. Spock. Of course I would have to add eyebrows and remove the smile.
Now how geeky is that? I LOVE my Star Trek.
I think I know someone who would love a Spock toy apart from me that is :D
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