Friday, May 06, 2016

Fitbit Daily Summary for May 5, 2016

Total steps: 7159
Floors climbed: 8
Calories burned: 2320
Elevation gained: 24.38 meters
Traveled: 4.51 kilometers

May 5, 2016
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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Weekly Fitbit Summary 25 Apr 2016 - 01 May 2016

Thankful Thursday

Here's what I am thankful for this week:
  • crocheting blankets - they keep my legs warm now that it is getting a lot cooler at night
  • kitty cat snuggles
  • family
  • Angus made his decision about his nose and that he wants to have the operation to fix his deviated septum
  • Brodie made his decision about his surgery in regards to his epilepsy. I'm not terribly enthusiastic about his decision but it was his to make. He has also decided to go ahead with it.
  • parcels being delivered by the postie! I LOVE receiving parcels

What are you thankful for this week?

Fitbit Daily Summary for May 4, 2016

Total steps: 7772
Floors climbed: 8
Calories burned: 2337
Elevation gained: 24.38 meters
Traveled: 4.82 kilometers

May 4, 2016
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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Rotary Skip Blade

On Monday I was reading through a thread in a crochet group I belong to on Facebook. To be honest I can't remember which group as I belong to a few of them (o_0) 

Anyway, someone mentioned something about a skip blade for a rotary cutter that they used for making holes in polar fleece in order to crochet edges for blankets. I had a cutter in my sewing gear from when I was making appliqué quilts and wall hangers. 
I checked out one site that sold them but it was in the US. I thought I would try my luck and see if there was an Australian seller and I went to my go to place - ebay. 

I managed to find one in Morwell, which is less than an hours drive from home. Rather than go and pick it up it only cost a couple of dollars for them to post it. It arrived this morning. Now all I need to do is go and buy some polar fleece to try it on.

Fitbit Daily Summary for May 3, 2016

Total steps: 7912
Floors climbed: 55
Calories burned: 2330
Elevation gained: 167.64 meters
Traveled: 4.91 kilometers

May 3, 2016
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