Saturday, July 09, 2011

Out For A Drive

Mark & I went for a drive towards the city today. Mark bought something on ebay and we decided that pick up would be the way to go this time. It wasn't all that far really (about an hours drive) and it gave us the chance to get out of the house and go to my favourite store on the way home!! Well it wasn't really on the way home but since we were in that general direction :D

My favourite store - we went to Narre Warren this time.
I drove towards Melbourne's outer suburbs. The closer we got the them the more traffic there was. For a Saturday afternoon the roads were quite busy. I would hate to be there during peak hour that's for sure. It was busy enough that I was starting to feel stressed. I got Mark to drive us to Spotlight and then home.

I am definitely a country girl now. Give me the lovely, relatively quiet, country roads and the section of the M1 freeway that is not that busy and I am a happy girl! Next time we need to head anywhere near the big smoke I will just hand the keys to Mark and say "Hon, you're driving!"

On the way home just outside Pakenham
Look at one of the pretty views we had on the way home. We are just so spoilt with all the rolling hills and the green grass everywhere. I just love the countryside :D

Mark encouraged me to buy this stuff :D
While we were in Spotlight Mark totally encouraged me to buy some more yarn/wool. How many people could honestly say that their other half said go ahead buy some MORE stuff to knit & crochet with! I love him soooooo much! He rocks!!
Narre Warren has a lot more yarn/wool to select from than the Morwell store. More than double the stock. The only problem is the traffic. If it wasn't so busy at Narre I would go more often.

Mark told me I should get the baby lustre yarn to put pretty edging on blankets or clothes.
I know that I bought a lot of pink again but I found out yesterday that my other niece who is expecting her second baby in early December is having a little girl. So BOTH of my nieces are having pink babies! There's about 6 weeks difference between their due dates.

Ta Da! Here's that pink baby blanket with the border on it.
I'm thinking that the extra bright pink yarn would make a fantastic entrelac blanket like the one I just finished. Hot pink & white would look great!
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