Friday, July 08, 2011

Vintage Knitting Book - 1954

PoetessWug talked about some Vintage crochet patterns that she has over on her blog this week. You can check out her posts here and here. So I thought that I would dig out my vintage patterns and share them with you.  My niece, Kylie, found them for me in an Op Shop many years ago. I think they were a great find.

1954 was the year my sister Vicki was born (she is Kylie's Mum)
This is an old Australian Women's Weekly book. I wonder how long Women's Weekly has been around? I think that 1'6 was the price. It would be nice to know how much that is in today's money.

Clothing tended to look more figure hugging back in the 50's, don't you think? To me it looked more elegant that way but you would never catch me wearing something like that. I have way too many curves :P and they wouldn't look good in anything that looked so tight.

Have a look at that old Cadbury chocolate Ad.
How elegant is that red dress with its matching cardigan/jacket? I bet that took a long time to knit! I would lose interest if I was to make something that time consuming. I ummm and ahhhh about making adults clothing now because it takes too long to knit. Can you imagine knitting that dress? I guess that's why I am learning to make more crochet items. I love how much faster that is.

Look at the frills on that bed jacket! Frills like that were back in fashion in the 1980's. Scary!
Bed jackets? I don't think I know of anyone who ever wore those. Except for some actresses in the movies perhaps.

These look like such classics now.
I can just imagine someone like Doris Day wearing these clothes. I think that some of these might even be back in fashion today.

Do you love vintage things? Have you got any special older items that you cherish? I would love to hear about them.
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