Thursday, July 07, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I have been struggling a little today trying to work out what I am thankful for because I am feeling a bit down in the dumps. After I posted yesterday I had an appointment with my GP. We had a really good talk, one of the best we've ever had. We discussed a lot about diabetes [ Dr F. was recently diagnosed too]. We talked about what BGL (they don't call it BSL any more) are too high and what to do about it. What the ideal levels are for fasting BGL and what to aim for when testing after eating. How often he will request certain blood tests etc.

My DE had already written a quick letter to Dr. F stating that she wanted me on medication. That kind of hit me for a six as she never mentioned it to me while I was there. It was like the opportunity for me to even try to get a handle on this thing through diet has been stripped away from me. I just wanted the chance to have a go and see if I can do this without medication. (I started taking it last night & I don't like one of the side effects already but I wont bore you with that).

I know that they are just thinking about my health. It's their job to. That's what they get paid for. It's just that, oh I don't know, it makes it seem like there is no hope. I know I am probably just being silly but that's how I feel. Needless to say that I have had a few tears over this. I know I will be okay with this eventually but for now its in the too hard basket.


So I have struggled a little with what I am thankful for this week but here goes ...
  • that Angus was able to spend time with his bestie last weekend (I think he finally managed to catch up on his sleep)
  • meeting my Diabetes Educator 
  • for finding my vintage knitting/crochet books (I promise to share some photos of my books in tomorrows post)
  • for Mark & the boys giving me hugs when I need them (always a bonus when you're feeling blue)
What are you thankful for this week?
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