Tuesday, May 24, 2016

WIP - Crochet - Baby Cocoon

I am taking my time making this one. I'm not too keen on making the panel with what looks like the crocodile stitch. I'm just having problems understanding the pattern.

One of my nieces said the eyes look like they would make a great bikini. I was thinking they would make an amazing sleep mask. 

I'm making the largest size that the pattern has. It looks way too big but I am making this for my 5 month old great-great niece. Hopefully I finish it and get it posted over to my niece before 
Sienna-Grace gets too big for it.

I need to be able to wrap my head around making the centre panel that has what looks like feathers. I am just struggling with the pattern. It just wasn't making sense to me (o.0) 

The pattern I am following can be found HERE on Ravelry

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