Saturday, February 21, 2015

More Storage

Angus was tired of the mess beside the couch where I hid all of my 'extra' balls of yarn because there was no room in my storage boxes. To be honest it was getting messy there and Angus did have trouble trying to get to our shelves where we keep the majority of our DVDs. 

I had seen a post on facebook via The Crochet Crowd where someone had used a trolley (it was probably Mikey) beside their couch to keep things tidy. So I had to get a trolley myself. I have to admit it looks so much tidier in the lounge room now. And to top things off, Angus can roll the trolley out of the way to gain access to our DVDs. Win-win all around! 

Angus was kind enough to put the trolley together for me.

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