Tuesday, May 06, 2014

I Had To Frog Some Squares

Oh No I must buy more yarn (~_o) 

I bought some extra blue yarn the other day to make my latest blanket 4 squares by 4 squares instead of the usual 3 x 3 that I make. I had made two squares already and thought I should measure them up against the other squares I had already made. Guess what?!?! They weren't the same size *sigh* I had to pull them apart and start again.

I know what you're thinking I should have checked them before I had even finished the first square. I did but obviously my brain was NOT working well that day. In fact it isn't working all that well right now. I can feel a headache coming on. Oh well. At least the 'new' finished square is the correct size. Now to just complete three more...
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