Monday, May 05, 2014

Money, Money, Money

I was joking with Angus the other day about how two things use up all of your money .. cars and kids. He wasn't too impressed that I mentioned it. I had no idea that I was actually predicting what things would be like so quickly. You see, silly me, thinking that now I have a new car it would be easy, relatively cheap and fast to get it on the road. Oh boy was I so wrong.

I had no idea how much things would cost. Today I needed to purchase new headlights. Thankfully Mark found some on ebay for a good price, for around $115 including postage. Okay that's not so bad I suppose. However, Mark phoned up to get an idea on how much a roadworthy check costs (roadies are compulsory here in Victoria before a newly purchased car can be registered) and how much it will cost to get the gas tank checked. My jaw dropped when I realised that I needed to find at least $400. That's even before I can get the thing registered.

Mark has also found some scratches in the windscreen. He's going to try and buff them out or it will cost at least $300 for a new one. Otherwise the car definitely wont pass the roadie.

I know Mark wants me to have a safe and reliable car but if I realised that it was going to cost this much extra I wouldn't have bothered to buy privately. I would have gone through a car yard. That way I wouldn't have all this extra worry. As if I don't worry enough as it is.
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