Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Crochet - Zoo Blanket No.3 + other stuff

I've been busy running around taking Brodie to a couple of appointments today. I did however get the chance to buy some more yarn while we were out. I went into one shop specifically to get some crayons for my little Sunbeam class at Church. Did I mention that I was now a teacher in Primary? I had my first lesson with the little ones last weekend. It's going to be a challenge. I just hope that I am up to it. 

Anyway back to the shop .. I spotted some yarn as soon as we walked in and I grabbed a few lovely colours. I think I did very well. I only grabbed 8 balls of yarn. I could have snapped up a hole lot more but I was very well behaved, this time (~_o)

I have managed to make a start on the animals for my new zoo blanket. I think the panda turned out nicely. It's been slow going mainly because I get side-tracked with other things (o_0) oh well at least I have managed to get some crocheting done. I am crossing my fingers now in the hope that I am able to do some crocheting tonight.

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