Monday, March 24, 2014

Feeling Frustrated

I mentioned a month ago about how I saw a surgeon in regards to my carpal tunnel. He was to send a referral to a neurology clinic so that I could get a nerve conduction test done. I gave them a couple of weeks so that they could receive the referral, have a doctor check it out (the doctor only checks the referrals once a week from what I was told which is a bit silly if you ask me) and for them to phone me in regards to an appointment time.

When two weeks were up so I phoned them. They said they didn't receive the referral. I phoned the surgeons room and asked them to resend the referral. Then I waited to hear from the clinic. Nothing happened.

This morning I phoned the neurology clinic again. Sorry there is no referral here in your name. I asked for a fax number then phoned the surgeons room to let them know they never received it. All good or so I thought. I phoned the neurology clinic and they confirmed that they got the referral this time BUT there was a problem. It was addressed to a specific doctor who no longer works at that clinic and they couldn't accept it. I made my yet another call back to the surgeons office and asked them to please change the name on the referral to the name of the clinic. I guess I should phone the neurology clinic again to see if that was acceptable.

It turns out that the referral was sent twice before but to another office altogether. It's no wonder I never received a call in regards to an appointment. If I don't get a call soon I am just going to give up on this and put up with the pain I get from my hands and arms.
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