Friday, February 21, 2014

Work Placement And The Open Cut Mine Fire

photo of the smoke from the fire at the open cut mine, Morwell.  picture is from yahoo news
I drove Angus into Morwell this morning. He started his first day of work placement today. We had to drive past the open cut mine on the way to his work place. The smoke and the smell was horrible. It is no wonder that the people of Morwell are complaining and that some of the schools and child care centres are busing kids out to other towns for the day. It is also no wonder that so many people are having problems with their health as well.

Just driving towards the town itself broke my heart. The damage that the bushfire caused in the area is so awful. The blackened landscape, the road signs were non-existant, the damage on both sides of the freeway. I can totally see why the freeway was closed for a while and that you need to slow down around the township. Luckily visibility was good this morning but I bet when the wind blows just right you wont be able to see across the road at all. Today is day 11 of the fire in the open cut mine. Officials are still unsure as to how much longer it will burn.

I will be thinking of my baby all day and wondering how he is going at work and how he is coping with the smoke and the smell. His work place is only 5 - 10 minutes from the open cut mine. Luckily he finishes work at 1:30 pm and he will be heading to the train station to come home. Sadly the railway track was damaged during the fire so it will be a bus trip for some of the way, although they may have fixed the track by now. I think he'll be able to get the train from Moe to come home. I guess I will find out when he eventually gets home this afternoon.

I am crossing my singers and sending lots or good thoughts and prayers to the people near the fire. I may even do a rain dance and pray it pours over Morwell.
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