Saturday, February 01, 2014

WIP - Crochet Zoo Blanket

I sat down in front of the TV Thursday afternoon to catch up on some of the shows I had recorded and didn't get around to watching while both boys where home. Now that Brodie is back at Yooralla and Angus is back at school it seemed like the perfect time to sit back, relax and crochet. I hadn't done that for a while at least not during the day time. Although I began crocheting in the afternoon it wasn't until last that night when I had completed adding the squares together.

As I completed each section of the blanket I was uploading photos on to Facebook. I just love showing off what I have made plus I enjoy reading the positive feedback I have been receiving. I just love how this blanket is turning out.

I am getting such a huge kick out of the SIL liking this blanket. She is loving it so much. She will be SO surprised. You see when I started making this one I decided that I would be giving it to her as a gift. I think I'm pretty safe writing that here as she doesn't read my blog, well I don't think she does.

When the SIL saw how the blanket was progressing she commented that she would LOVE to have another baby just so she could buy a blanket like this. Sadly, both she and I are both past our child bearing years so that really isn't an option. However, I know she will absolutely adore this blanket when I give it to her.
All I need to do is put a border around the whole thing and it's done! I'm thinking of using a border from that book I bought a few months back that has crochet edging patterns.
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