Wednesday, February 12, 2014

♪♪ Happy Birthday To ME ♪♪

♫♪♫ Happy Birthday to me! ♫♪♫

Mark and the boys remembered my birthday this time around but I didn't give them reason to forget either.

I got a new kindle cover from Mark. Which I love!

I bought myself two tote bags and a bottle of perfume.

Brodie got me Tina Arena's latest CD which is really good! I ♥ Tina she has an amazing voice.
Angus bought me a DVD of Pearl Harbor. It's one movie I always watch when it comes on tv ☺

I'm not cooking tea tonight. I have decided that I want Subway for tea. And since it is my birthday any dishes that need doing will be done by someone else. It is a rule in our home that you don't have to wash or dry the dishes on your birthday!

I'm off to listen to my new CD again and I'll watch the dvd later when both of the boys are home. Or we can wait for movie night ☺

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