Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Smoke Filled Skies

I took this photo from our front yard at 8:30 am today.
I opened the front door this morning and all I could smell was smoke. The fire I mentioned yesterday is still going in Morwell although I did read that it isn't as bad as yesterday. They had a lot of aircraft dumping water on the open cut mine. There is another fire still raging from the weekend at Mickleham where more than 25 homes have been lost. It's heart breaking. The fire in the Yarra Valley has been downgraded but with the winds due to pick up people have been asked to keep checking the CFA website.

The Latrobe Valley Express (a newspaper) shared some incredible photos of the fire near Morwell. If you're interested here's the link http://www.latrobevalleyexpress.com.au/story/2077316/hernes-oak-and-driffield-fires/?cs=1210#slide=1

I am just hoping that by the end of the week, when we are expecting some rain, that the fires will finally be under control or completely extinguished and all areas are declared safe.
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