Friday, December 27, 2013

WIP - Crochet - Zoo Blanket No.2

I have started working on a new Zoo blanket. I began it a couple of days ago shortly after I gave my MIL the blanket I had in my finished projects pile. I am so glad that the blanket is going to a new home. This time around I have decided to make 12 squares instead of the 9 that I did for the previous blankets. I am making this for a specific person although they have no idea that I am doing this for them. I want to make it large enough for them to throw it over themselves while they watch TV or just to keep warm during winter.

Why don't colours ever seem to be shown properly? Oh well
I've decided that I want green and yellow for the background squares but I don't think I have enough yellow yarn to do 6 squares. I'm thinking maybe I can do some orange as well. It's just an idea but I'll work it out. Perhaps 3 yellow, 3 light green, 3 dark green and 3 orange or brown.
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