Monday, September 02, 2013

WIP - Crochet - Zoo Blanket - Squares

The squares are just about done. It's been slow going with my arm hurting as much as it does BUT that's what pain killers are for right? So that you can keep on crocheting? (o_~) 

This is meant to be blue but sadly the photo doesn't show the right colour

my new clover hook 
 As you can see from the photo below I am using my new hook for the green squares. 
I'm not too sure that it's the right kind of hook for me though. The handle doesn't feel long enough and I have to keep moving the hook about to make it 'feel' right. I even tried holding the hook like a pencil but I don't find that I can crochet properly using that kind of hold. I prefer to hold it like I would hold a knife (over the top of the hook). Although that being said, when I do hold a knife I find that I actually hold it like I would hold my knitting needles, with the needle resting on my hand between the thumb and forefinger.

At least the green in this photo looks more like the actual green yarn I am using

For those of you who crochet I have a question for you. 
How do you hold your hook? Like a pencil or like a  knife? 

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