Tuesday, September 03, 2013

One Thing Or Another

If it's isn't one thing with the car it's another!
After last weeks little bit of fun with a very dead battery our gas converter froze yesterday when we were coming back from a run to the rubbish tip.

Not that you can see it very well but that's ice on the gas converter 

I took this photo on the drive home before the car stalled.
It's blurry because we were moving.
While we were waiting for the gas converter to defrost I thought I would take a couple of photos to show how pretty and green things are on the other side of the town we live in. 

The photo above was across the road and shows a dairy farm with the cows in the distance.

This photo was just to my left where we had parked the car.
I just love how green everything is.

Back to the car. Mark ended up flushing the radiator once we managed to get home. The car stalled once more on the way home. Thankfully we were able to get to the side of the road without causing any traffic hold ups in the main street of town. Once the radiator was cleaned out that seemed to do the trick BUT a bolt has snapped where the engine and the radiator are connected. Mark will be replacing that once we are able to get to the wreckers to get whatever parts are needed.
At least this is fairly easily fixed. I'm crossing my fingers that nothing else goes wrong with the car. That's three things already and we all know bad luck seems to run in threes.
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