Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lucky Op Shop Finds

Look what I found while op shopping on Thursday morning.
I'm always on the look out for crochet patterns whilst op shopping, well patterns in general. So when I came across these books with crochet patterns in them I snapped them up.

These second two photos are a couple of examples from the book on the left.

These last two photos are examples from the book on the right.

I have no idea when I'll make anything up from these patterns but I promise to take photos. 

I'm meant to be working on a blanket for Mark's Mum, Helen. I'm kind of cheating actually I'm just making some applique dogs/paws/bones etc to sew on to a fleecy blanket. I just haven't been motivated to make them yet. Helen breeds Old English Sheepdogs & I don't really have a pattern for that breed but I did print out a graph. I'm just worried it wont turn out nice. It's going to be a surprise for her when I finally get around to crocheting. She has no idea that I've got this planned. I just need some motivation to get started.
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