Tuesday, September 25, 2012

RIP Bubbalou

We had a phone call from the vet about an hour ago. Someone had taken our Rory in. He had been attacked by a dog.
Mark & I went straight to the vets to see how bad things were. The poor thing had so much damage done to him. The vet was not very hopeful at all and said that it would be touch and go. That she would try to save him if she could. Rory was unable to move his back legs and his breathing was very laboured even though they had an oxygen mask on him he was still gasping for breath. The vet said it was like he had been picked up and shaken. Rather than have him suffer Mark said to put him down.
Of course I am a total wreck. My poor baby Rory. He wasn't even 11 months old yet. No more lovely (and dying) flowers and leaves will be left on the floor. No more snuggles under the covers with me. My poor Rory. He was such a cutie.
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