Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Was Given The Universe .. Well A Galaxy .. Sort Of

I got the best surprise yesterday morning after the postie, Luke, had been to our home. I knew Mark was getting a new phone. He had ordered a Galaxy SIII and I was going to get his old phone. Which was fine by me as my old LG Optimus wasn't holding charge even with a new battery. I wasn't able to save much data on it or install many apps due to the size limitation (only 139 MB of storage was available to use) and I was unable to install things to the memory card. I was constantly needing to delete data to make room. I was very happy to get Mark's old phone because it could do things mine could not. Like save to the memory card.

Mark's new phone arrived and he brought me his old phone so that I could start 'making it mine' by adding the SIM card and the SD card. There I was beginning to set it up and Mark walks over to me holding a box all wrapped up in pretty paper and a card to go with it. Imagine my surprise when I open it to find that Mark had bought me a brand new Galaxy Nexus and a pretty purple cover to protect it. The cheeky thing!

I was glad that I had something to distract me yesterday afternoon. I was busy installing apps and playing (~_~) it's nice to know that I wont run out of space on this phone. Well not in a hurry anyway. There's 16 GB of storage with 1 GB of memory! The camera in it is pretty good too. I managed to sneak a photo of Brodz and a pic of Angus (who willingly let me take a photo). Those two are so camera shy. I wonder where they get that from ... it has nothing to do with a girl who used to hide behind doors and things because she didn't want her picture taken. Nope nothing to do with that at all!!

How gorgeous are these two boys?? Don't tell them I posted pics of them here though. They wont be happy with me.

Well I'm off to hang out some washing and hopefully get it dry before the weather changes. Then I am off to play with my phone and do some crocheting once I work out what I am making next.
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