Friday, April 13, 2012

WIP - Floral Blanket

I was watching another crochet video on youtube the other day from the Crochet Geek on how to turn a flower into a granny square. Of course I had to have a go (o_o)
The Crochet Geeks youtube channel is here if you want to check it out.

The first square I made
I really liked how the square turned out. In fact I liked it so much that I thought it would look great as a blanket.

I really like the pink flower with the purple background.
I decided that pink, purple & white would look great together and make a pretty baby blanket for a little girl. Something just the right size to cover a pram or bassinet.

I didn't think that having a heap of floral squares together would look all that great. Shame on me for thinking that too many flowers might spoil it (O_O) but I decided to make some 'regular' squares to go in between the floral squares.

I kind of like this layout for a blanket but I'm not too sure. I may rearrange it yet.
Right now it measures 45cm x 60cm (17.7 inches x 23.6 inches) So I have a few squares to go yet.

What do you think? Does it look good so far?


PoetessWug said...

It looks great! I can see that the #6 square has inspired you to "Go Big!" LOL I'll look forward to seeing it at the end.

Jo-anne Blossy said...

Thank you Poetess :) I think you're right I was inspired to go BIG.

That reminds me the next spotlight square comes out today.

PoetessWug said...

Thanks for the square.I got it! :-]

Jo-anne Blossy said...

You're welcome :)