Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Quiet Saturday

I know the photo above doesn't look like much but that's my dinner in the slow cooker. I made Porcupines. That yummy dish where you make your own rissoles/meatballs and roll them in rice and pour tomato soup over them. I normally cook them in the oven but I wanted to try them in the slow cooker for a change. Did I ever mention that I ♥ love ♥ my slow cooker? Anything that makes my life easier and helps produce delicious food is good in my book :D

It's just Angus and I at home today. Mark is off doing a working bee (provided the weather stays nice). I have no idea where he went for that. He did tell me but I've forgotten (-_-)  Sorry Hon! I know its to do with amateur radio. At least I remembered that part.
Brodz is off doing his volunteer thing with the ROADIES group from Interchange. It gets him out of the house and off the computer for a bit. Plus we all get a bit of a break from one another. Being together all the time does have its drawbacks like getting underfoot and on one another nerves. This way when we get together we actually have something interesting to share :)

Now for some time with Angus .. we don't get to spend time together very often. I might take him out to the coffee shop for a hot chocolate :)
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