Friday, February 10, 2012


Look at what my postie delivered the other day! My magazine subscriptions :D I've been getting the Diabetic Living magazine for a while now but the Super Food Ideas mag is a new one. I 'paid' for this subscription using my Fly-Buys points.

Doesn't the food on the covers just make your mouth water??

Diabetic Living

How amazing do these chocolate items look? What's even better is that all of this yummy chocolate goodness is in the Diabetic Living magazine! So I know that they are more carb friendly than 'regular' chocolate recipes I have. Guess who might be making some of these in the near future? :D

Diabetic Living

Death by chocolate or what? *wipes chin* Yum!

Diabetic Living

Even this moussaka looks fantastic. I haven't made this in ages either. Hmm looks like another trip to the supermarket soon to buy mince and eggplant. I may have to send the kids in though or I will spend way too much money (again). It seems that every time I go into a supermarket I am always buying more than what's written on the shopping list. Do you have that problem too?

Super Food Ideas
Yummy vanilla slice! I went to the bakery the other day (I was very well behaved in there too) I bought a vanilla slice each for the boys and an apple strudel for Mark. The only thing I allowed for myself was a fresh roll. No sweets for me that day. Keeping my diabetes under control is a big priority but there are days where I would like to splurge and say why not! Sometimes I just have a taste though. At least that way I am not totally deprived of all that yummy stuff out there.

Super Food Ideas
Look at these little pineapple upside down cakes. Don't they look good? I don't think Angus will eat them though. He isn't that keen on pineapple.

Super Food Ideas

I just love asian foods. Stir-frys are the best but I have to watch the sauces they are cooked in and I need to be careful on how much of the noodles I can eat :-/ At least it isn't totally off the menu.

Super Food Ideas

These things are called pides. I guess they're like cross between a pastie and a pie. Not too sure. I didn't completely read the recipe I just looked at the photo. It certainly looks like something the boys would eat though.


PoetessWug said...

YUMMY!!!..I was almost drooling on the keyboard! ^_^ And I love pineapple too!!...That last picture looks sorta like a pita pocket of some kind. I never heard of a pides. Live and learn!

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

I know Poetess, my mouth was watering so much!
I'd never heard of pides before either but I'm willing to give them a go :D