Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ficifolia Festival Part 1

Angus and I went for a walk to see the Ficifolia Festival's street Parade today. Well we went to see where they were setting up at the football oval and then we went off to the stalls that were in civic park. I wanted to go there before the parade was over and it got really, really busy.

The festival runs over 4 days every year February and it's always around my birthday. In fact I told Angus that it was very nice of everyone to honour my special day with a festival. It's very sweet of everyone to celebrate this way :D

I took LOADS of photos that I will share over a few posts because I don't want to FLOOD you with a photo heavy post. I did take around 30 photos. Way too many for just one post. I was thinking of making a mosaic with them but then you wouldn't be able to see everything properly.

This years theme was the Chinese Year of the Dragon. There were a couple of dragons in the parade but since we were already heading home at that stage I didn't get a good look at them. They also had a pipe bad. I LOVE me some bag pipes! It sounded wonderful. It reminded me of the times I watch the Edinburgh Military Tattoo each new years. 

If you want to see larger photos just click on them. They look better when they're bigger.

We just LOVE looking at the old cars.

Old Fire Engine & a Holden (there's a close up of the Holden further down the page)

Angus loved this one. Who wouldn't love a Mustang?

I wish my car looked this good :D

An old Holden convertible.

I don't mind the red one. I have no idea what it is though, oops.

I'm sure my sister Vicki drove a Valiant like this one when I was little.

An Impala. For some reason we get excited about seeing left hand drive cars :P

I can just imagine driving this one. It's my favourite out of these old cars :D

Just look at that colour! It's very nice :D

Another old Holden.

A Holden Station wagon. I quite like this car. I'm sure my parents drove something similar to this.

Speedway Car

Speedway car - I had to take a photo its in one of my favourite colours

I have no idea what this is but is old. I know I'm shocking lol
Stay tuned for more photos next week.

Just one more thing about the festival. Please remind me to never EVER go for a drive on the morning of the parade. The traffic was shocking.
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