Saturday, December 10, 2011

Finished Object - Robin Hood

*Looks at clock* I almost forgot today's post but I think I'll just make it. It's not midnight yet :D

I finished that Robin Hood toy yesterday.
Brodie likes it that much that he wants a Robin Hood of his own (o_0) Personally I think he may be a tad too old to have a new soft toy but he really likes the idea.

Anyway I think Robin looks pretty good. I started making Maid Marion tonight. 
Hopefully it wont take too long to finish her. Although my hands seem to be a bit on the achy side at the moment so who knows.

I'm off to try and see if there's a break in the clouds. There's a total lunar eclipse tonight & I would love to see it. I don't like my chances though as its been overcast since this afternoon and its been raining too. Looks like I may have to wait to see photos on the web or on the news tomorrow night.
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