Friday, December 09, 2011

He's Holding A Torch For Me ...

This torch is nice and heavy weighing in at 3.1 kg (6.8 pounds) and is 48 cm (18.89 inches) long
Mark has a thing for torches. He likes them about as much as I like knitting & crocheting. Mark also likes maglites. Mark had been looking at these torches on ebay the other week and was saying how he was going to buy himself one next pay day. So when I got that extra money from Centrelink this week I decided that I would buy the torch instead.

Of course the torch isn't complete yet. We've ordered some accessories to go with it but they are coming from the US so they may take a while to get here. I have no idea what they are but Mark wanted them. As I said he likes torches as much as I like knitting & crocheting but it's really not something that I am that interested in. Now if it had been some fancy new skein of yarn or needles & hooks I would've paid more attention (sorry Hon )

I wonder how many torches we have in the house now ... not that I have ever counted them all but I bet there's quite a few. (edited update: Mark rattled off how many torches we have and there are at least a dozen. I lost count lol)
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