Wednesday, November 09, 2011

My Baby Is Growing Up *sigh*

Angus is at TAFE today. (if you want to know what TAFE is you can click HERE to find out) He's attending an orientation day for his Automotive Certificate II course that he will be starting next year. He and a few friends from school got accepted into the course.

I'm struggling a tiny bit with the fact that MY baby will be 15 years on soon and that he will be in Year 10 next year. He will be officially starting his life as a senior student! Where did the time go?? Who said he could grow up so fast?? I want MY baby back! Well okay maybe not as a baby but I wanted him to stay younger for a lot longer than this. Kids grow up too fast these days.

I can't wait until 1 pm when I go pick him up. I want to hear all about what happened. I want to know if he liked, what he saw and what he got to do. I hope that he listened carefully and took notes when he needed to. Going to TAFE is a whole lot different to going to High School. They leave you to your own devices a lot more. The teachers don't supervise you as closely. He'll learn all that eventually I guess so I wont 'nag' him about it (yet)

I hope he's had a great morning! I'll find out soon enough :D
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