Thursday, November 10, 2011

Melbourne Storm

We had a BIG storm him our state yesterday with lots of hail, thunder and lightning. The weather bureau actually got it right this time. You know how hit and miss they can be with some weather predictions but this was spot on. We were given advanced warning of what to expect. Boy was it a ripper!

I took these photos about 15 minutes before the rain hit. The clouds were rolling and swirling as they approached our town. I was hoping to get some photos of the lightning but my camera just wasn't fast enough to catch it.

This facing east. Taken from our driveway.

The storm hit around 7:30pm and considering its daylight savings now it should have been nice & sunny outside. Things went dark. So dark that it felt like it was the middle of the night. Then the rain started. The rain was so bad I couldn't see our neighbours place properly and they are just across the shared driveway. I think they said on the news that in some areas we got a months worth of rain in about 10 minutes. It's no wonder there was so much damage & flash flooding.

Just after the darker clouds started rolling in.

Our backyard flooded a bit and the water came quite close to the back door. I wondered if it was going to come inside but it didn't. Our new neighbour popped over last night & told us that there had been water in his lounge room against the brick wall. The very same wall that is in the boys bedroom. So Mark went to check if we had any water inside. There was a little but not all that much. Our neighbour informed housing maintenance so hopefully they will get up on the roof soon and fix any broken tiles or whatever else needs doing.

Just before the really dark clouds came over our house. This is the direction the storm came from

This morning on the way to the Brodie's school bus stop this morning we drive by a paddock that has a creek in it. The paddock was completely flooded and the creek was flowing quite rapidly. I hadn't seen so much water in that paddock in all the years we've been going back & forth to that bus stop. So it must have been pretty bad last night.

If you want to see some more photos of the storm you can go HERE. They were taken by people across Melbourne & other parts of Victoria.Some of the photos look amazing and show how dark things looked once the clouds rolled in.
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