Friday, September 30, 2011

Health Update

I had a series of blood tests done on Tuesday morning. I phoned up the doctors clinic & spoke to the practice nurse to get the results this afternoon.
To be honest I cannot remember every test that the doctor ordered not that it matters. If there is a big problem the nurse would have told me to come in for an appointment.

The main test results that I wanted were for my HbA1c. Basically that one shows what my average blood glucose levels were for the past 10-12 weeks. Last time the level was 6.9. My Diabetes Educator, Karen, said that I should aim for 6.5. The nurse said that my A1c was 6.2 which is around what I thought it might be. I guess that means I'm getting the hang of what I can eat without my BGL going wild. I am really happy with this result :)

The other level I was concerned about was my cholesterol. Not that it has ever been high or anything. In fact I know my previous GP was surprised when it was as low as it was. I have no idea why. I guess he just thought big people had high cholesterol levels. Anyway my over all cholesterol is 4. From what I remember is pretty good :) the closer to zero it is the better.

I also had my eyes checked yesterday. I explained that I had been diagnosed with diabetes a few months ago & that I had noticed a few changes with my sight. The optometrist was actually glad I waited a few months after diagnosis to get my eyes tested because fluctuating BGL's can alter your vision (I kind of knew that but that wasn't the reason I waited to go).

After much light shining, icky drops placed in my eyes and the flash of a camera for photos I was told that my eyes were pretty healthy. In fact I got the strangest comment from the optometrist. He said that my irises were amazing and that he had never seen any like them before. I guess that was a good thing. I took it as a compliment. I do however need stronger glasses for driving/watching TV but other than that he said that I don't need to come back for another 2 years unless of course I notice anything different before then. To be honest if felt like I had only been there 12 months ago.

Hopefully I will get my new glasses next week. Of course I will need to take photos of them to show you how pretty they look. They're a dusty rose/purple colour. Similar to what I have but with a teeny bit more colour.
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