Thursday, September 08, 2011

Future Options Expo

Brodie & I went to a Future Options Expo (the info on the site is from last year) this morning in Morwell. Basically it's where a variety of community organisations get together so that parent, schools, carers, youth/students can see what is available to help young adults with disabilities. Whether its to help them get a job, learn life skills or even further their education.

some of the pamphlets we collected
Brodz was very reluctant to go but I made him come. He handled it quite well. In fact he was busy socialising with quite a few people he knew. Kids he knew from Interchange or TAFE through to teachers and an aide he had in High School. I think he was glad I dragged him out of the house.

It was pretty helpful but I was slightly disappointed. There was one service I wanted to talk to but there weren't there today which was a shame. I can't even think of their name right now but I will talk to Miss G. at Brodie's school. I am sure that she will have the contact details I need.

I like the idea of Brodie being associated with Mawarra especially their vocational training program and the catering company that they have. Brodie loves working with food so that is at least one option we can explore.

I have a lot of pamphlets to go and read. I take Brodz up to his school tomorrow so I might see if I can talk with Miss G (the Special Ed. teacher) and let her know how things went today. We probably need a meeting again at any rate.
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