Wednesday, September 07, 2011

An Old School Photo

I was sorting through some of my photos that I have on the computer when I cam across some old school photos & I thought I would share one. Just so you know I was -14 years old in this photo. I am only 29 after all :-P (please don't burst my bubble, let me believe I am 29 at least for a few more years)

Can you guess which one is me?I'll give you a clue I am wearing socks.

Oh my gosh will you look at that socks with sandals. What were our parents thinking when they let us dress like that?? What fashionistas we were!! Thank goodness I never made my boys wear socks with sandals. Isn't it a good thing that kids wear uniforms these days. Although I have to admit we did look neat & tidy in our class photo. Having kids dress the same saves them from being teased for wearing the wrong clothes. I suffered a bit in high school for that but that's another story.

I remember this particular class. My teacher was Miss Guppy (yep like the fish). She was one of the BEST teachers EVER! I remember all the kids loved her and we all cried when we were told she was leaving. My best friend, Mish, was in another class. Although at the time I'm not sure we were best friends, not yet anyway. I did have a really good friend in this class though. Her name was Julie. I used to visit her all the time. My Mum & Julie's Mum were friends. I think they knew each other from work.

Wouldn't it be nice to be carefree and not have a worry in the world like when we were kids? That being said I did have worries back then. I was diagnosed with psoriasis when I was 7.  I don't remember this myself but my sister Julie told me that I came home from school crying. Apparently the school didn't want me there because of my psoriasis. I was a kid who adored going to school. I absolutely loved being there. I can just imagine how heartbroken I was. Julie told me that Dad marched right up to the school and told them off. He explained that it was not contagious. I wish I remembered that he did that. I would've been so proud of my Dad for being my hero!

So have you worked out which gorgeous kid in the photo is me? Shall I keep you guessing? I thought about leaving it until tomorrow but I decided that I would tell you ... I am in the first row, second from the left. Wasn't I adorable back then?

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