Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Its such a beautiful day outside & its such a shame to be indoors. Of course the boys don't want to spend time outside all that often it takes away from the computer time! Today would be perfect if it wasn't so windy. That being said I am in the middle of doing a few loads of washing. I know that it will all dry before its dark.

Angus has a friend sleeping over tonight. So I wont get much out of him today other than hearing the boys talk about movies and games on the computer. I may get them outside yet. I'll offer them some money so that they can walk to the shops and buy hot chips for lunch. That usually gets Angus motivated. Yes my boy thinks with his stomach and anything potato related is the key to get him started!

Brodz on the other hand did accompany me to the farmer's market. I saw my favourite veggie grower, Des, and her daughter, Wendy (I think it was her daughter). Of course I bought loads of yummy veggies from there. I even bought some pumpkin to make a pumpkin pie but I forgot to get the evaporated milk. Oh well. There's always next time we go to the supermarket.
We also went to Helen & Albert's soap stall. They have some really fragrant soaps made with vegetable oils. I picked some really nice smelling ones that will hopefully mean the boys will actually use them in the shower. Stinky teens that they are!

Mother nature has shown me that spring is in the air. My most favourite time of year!
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