Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another Parcel

I forgot to share some photos the other day when I received another parcel. This one came from Yarn Over (they used to be called American Yarns) & they are based in Queensland. I went shopping on their website the other week after I received an email from Bernat showing some of the new yarns they now have available. I just love looking at their new yarns & their patterns. They have some great freebie patterns that you can download.

This parcel is from Yarn Over
I sent an email to Bernat asking if they did international orders but they didn't. Which was a shame really because the Australian dollar has been really good and above parity for some time now. That means that I would get the yarn/wool cheaper than those in the US would. Sadly though as I mentioned they don't send overseas :( 

I have never seen Bernat yarns in any of the shops here so I knew I had to hunt online. I looked on ebay first. The prices weren't all that different to what I would pay for similar yarn in Spotlight or Busy Bees. That's when I came across Yarn Over.

Don't they look pretty?!
There were so many different yarns that I wanted to buy but I settled for these two. I love the fact that they will knit into a floral pattern. I have no idea what I will make with them yet so for now they will sit in my stash while I continue making that entrelac blanket for Angus. It's slowly growing.
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