Friday, July 01, 2011

Me & The Practice Nurse

I had my meeting with the Practice Nurse on Wednesday afternoon. I was really nervous about meeting her for some reason. Don't ask me why because I have no idea. Maybe it's because this was a new path that I will have to travel for the rest of my life. Some journeys just make you nervous I guess.

The nurse asked me all sorts of questions like are you taking any meds for your diabetes. Um No. Dr. F never mentioned it. She then asked me am I doing. I told her that I was watching what I eat. That I had bought a blood glucose monitor and had been randomly testing my BSL over the past week at various times of the day to check how I was going. How I was slowly working out what foods were not so good and didn't produce the best results. She said that I was doing a great job working that out so far.

I was booked in to see the dietitian that visits the clinic once a fortnight. I go and see her in two weeks time. The nurse was amazed that there was an appointment available so soon because the dietitian is usually booked out for weeks. Like I mentioned in yesterday's post I think our family is being smiled upon & we have been very fortunate in a lot of ways.

Once all the questions were done it was time for a quick check up. You know the horrible stuff like getting weighed (I HATE scales they make people cry), blood pressure, pulse, height [I'm not as tall as I thought I was :( which did not seem fair. I wanted that extra inch in height *sigh*] etc. She even measured my waist? not sure what that was all about. Maybe its to see if I lose some inches later on from all the healthy eating (wouldn't that be nice). The nurse even tested my BSL, which was fantastic btw, 4.7 mmom/L. My best reading since I started checking. I guess I was doing all the right things that day!

Just showing off what I have done on the pink & white baby blanket so far :)

I have an appointment next Tuesday morning to see my Diabetes Educator (DE). The nurse said that she should be able to help me out with getting more glucose test etc (I ran out of them last night) and not to worry about the fact that I wont be able to test every day. I'm not exactly sure what a DE does but I guess I shall find out next week.

Looks like I am going to be a little busy with plenty of doctors visits & other appointments over the school holidays (which start today). In some ways it makes me glad we didn't plan to have a 'holiday' during this break. We were due to go back to Adelaide & visit family around now. It's been two years since we were over there. I guess we could always go during the September holidays (or NOT) I just need to get a handle on this stuff first.
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