Saturday, July 02, 2011

Are You A Craft Addict?

Have you ever been over to retromummy's blog?  She has a post today that talks about the top 20 signs you are a craft addict

the above picture is a wallpaper. click on it if you wish to go & download it

I have to admit that I found myself nodding to some of the signs that she listed. Especially the following numbers
1. you get the urge to craft every day
6. your husband has now turned a blind eye to your obsession hobbies
7. you read a blog about a new fabric/book/project and feel the need to go and buy it....immediately (well maybe not immediately but close to it lol)
9. you spend more money on craft than clothes
13. you feel the need to show crafty creations to non crafters even if they don't ask to see them
17. you know what a UFO is and I'm not talking flying objects.
20. you just love craft!

You should pop on over to Retromummy's blog to see what the other signs of addiction are. Maybe you're addicted to craft too ;)
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