Sunday, July 03, 2011

I've Been Busy Today

Don't worry I haven't forgotten to post. It's just been a busy day and I spent most of it away from the computer. It's good to have days like that every now & then.

Angus had a friend sleep over last night & the boys didn't sleep too much. What teenage boys have to talk about all night is beyond me. They did manage to get some sleep though. His bestie had a soccer match today so I dropped them off at the local soccer grounds this morning. Late this afternoon they were heading off to another friends from school & having a sleepover there. Goodness knows how the parents in that house will cope. There's meant to be about 6 or 7 boys there. I bet there wont be much sleeping there tonight. Its a good thing that its the school holidays they will probably need a few days to recover from all this lack of sleep.

Brodie phoned and wanted to be collected from respite a day early. He tried to tell me that 'everyone' was going home today but I know that wasn't the case. They would be going home Monday morning. He just wanted to come home. Either way I would've gone & got him had he told me that he was homesick.

Since I had to go collect Brodie I decided that I would head into the valley try and get a ball of baby wool at Spotlight that I needed to finish a project but I couldn't find it anywhere.
Mark tagged a long for the ride. His phone packed in yesterday. The microphone stopped working. He would be able to receive phone calls and hear everyone talk bvut no one could hear him speak at all. We found a nice cheap android phone for him. Not bad for a guy who said he didn't need a smart phone and gave his first android to Brodie.

I shall be heading off to bed shortly myself to try and catch up on some of the sleep I lost last night because of two very talkative teenagers! After spending several hours together you would think that they would've run out of things to talk about.
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