Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's Market Day

Oh boy am I pooped. I just got back from a walk. Yes you read correctly I said walk. That horrible 'swear' word that means exercise!

Brodie & I went for a walk to the farmers market (I had to say it again just in case you didn't read it in the first couple of sentences). Thank goodness there was a lot of stuff there to entertain me while my hip was hurting. Stuff that would take my mind off being sore & unfit. I didn't mind looking at the new stall with lots of pretty handbag or the stall with the clothes or even the one with all the hand-knitted items that I think are a bit too expensive. I enjoyed the slow amble past all the things that were on offer.

This is Des's fruit & veg stall. I stop by here every time I visit the market. That's Des on the right.

Of course I stopped at that stall that has all the yummy dried fruits & nuts for sale. I bought some of those curries peanuts. Oh how I love them. I probably should only have a few of these considering they aren't exactly 'plain' nuts that the dietitian recommended. I think just a few should be okay. You can't totally deprive yourself from all things nice. It would make things stressful and unbearable. Right?
I did buy some healthy things. Like dried fruits & nuts, fresh apples and some yummy vegetables (cauliflower, brussel sprouts & green beans).

On the way home Brodie said I complained too much about walking up the hill. It's pretty steep (even out old car didn't like going up that hill). Considering how unfit I am I think I did a pretty good job! So shhhhh please Brodz, stop picking on me :P

As we were walking up the driveway (yes that is on a bit of a hill too) I was thinking who decided we should love in a town with so many hills? (although we were desperate to get out of that caravan park & we did take the first place we were offered) And who decided it was a good idea to walk to the market today if the weather was nice? Oh right that was me. Guess I can't blame anyone then can I *rolls eyes*. At least I am feeling a bit better now that I have rested.
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