Friday, July 15, 2011

My Visit To The Dietitian

I just got back from seeing the dietitian, Kerry. I had a wonderful talk with her.

The first thing she asked was if I was on any medication for my diabetes. I said yes and explained to her how disappointed I was that I wasn't given the chance to have a go at controlling this without medication. She agreed with me. Its good to see that I am not the only one who thought that it was unfair.

I showed Kerry the app I have on my phone called on track. Its a great little app that allows me to keep track of my BGL, blood pressure, carb intake (not that I use that bit) and weight. It has all these graphs and gives the daily average plus what my HbA1c level might be. Personally I think its a great way to keep everything with me so that I can show my DE & Dr. F when I see them & not have to carry a little booklet.

It was good to learn that I am already doing the right thing. When I explained to her that a lot of the changes to whole grains and low fat were made a long time ago & that there were only a few adjustments that I needed to do she said that it was great. Too many changes at once causes stress (and I know all about that don't I!)

Of course I had to get on the scales while I was there but guess what?!?! I have lost 3 kg (that's around 6 lb) since my GP weighed me about a month ago. I ♥ her scales. That also means my scales at home weren't telling fibs either, like I thought they were. They showed I had lost about 2.5 kg. Either way that's good right? and I wasn't even trying! :D

Kerry said that I shouldn't just focus on my weight. So I explained to her that I would be happy if I was able to maintain my weight but if I lost anything that would be a bonus.

What I need to do is just adjust a few things to make sure my BGL isn't too low at night time (like it was last night 4.4 mmol/L) That I should probably eat a slightly higher level of carbs at lunch rather than none at all like I have done a few times.

Kerry also said that if I have any favourite recipes at home that we haven't used for fear of them being too high in carbs that I should bring them to my next visit so that we can adapt them. The idea is to just watch what I eat and not deprive myself of the things we really like to eat.

It feels good to know that I am doing the right thing already and that I am actually losing weight. All I need to do is make sure I do that horrible thing I don't like doing (you know that swear word) ..exercise and drink more water.
I go back for a review in a month.
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