Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WIP & An Update

This is sort of a follow up to my Meet me on Monday post this week. One of the questions Java asked was in reference to yoghurt. One of the blogs I visited was from Melbourne lady & she mentioned Gippsland Dairy (sorry I don't remember which one was your blog just in case you are reading this). I had never heard of this particular yoghurt and considering I live in Gippsland I thought I should at least try to find it and buy some to try. OMGosh it was the BEST yoghurt EVER! Super creamy and oh so scrumptious! It was almost like eating pure cream! You probably can't see the flavour but I chose mango & passion-fruit. It was so worth buying. If you're an Aussie check the supermarket and see if you can find this yoghurt. You will not be disappointed. (No I am not getting paid for this post I just wanted to share how yummy this is)

With Poetesses encouragement yesterday about not giving up on a pattern I decided to give that baby's bib another go. I'm not following a pattern, well not really, I modified the one I had to make it larger. Its in the same colours as the cardigan and blanket I made. So far so good, I haven't pulled it apart.

For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, sorry to repeat this here. I know you read about this.

I finally remembered to phone up my doctors surgery yesterday afternoon and I spoke with the Practice Nurse to get my Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) results and for the T3 & T4 tests as well. The news wasn't terribly good I'm afraid. I'm not sure if you all know what is involved with a GTT they check your blood sugar levels (BSL) at the start of the test to get a base line. You are given a sugary drink then your blood is collected again 1 and 2 hours later to see how much glucose is still in your system. 

My initial BSL was 6.9 which is higher than normal. Normal is somewhere between 3.6 & 6.0 
One hour after the drink it was 15 and at the two hour mark it was 12. Anything over 11.1 and its possible that you have diabetes.

Apparently my thyroid wasn't doing what its supposed to either. Now I can't remember whether it was the T3 or the T4 levels. I do know that if you thyroid isn't functioning properly it can affect your BSL. The Nurse did say that I need more tests to find out what is going on.

Since my doctor is part time the earliest I could get in to see him is next Tuesday morning. From the look of things he will most likely tell me I am diabetic. I'm sure I will be able to cope with that as a diagnosis. We're only given what we can handle right? It only makes us stronger. Yes I am trying to psyche myself up in preparation for next week. I'll let you know what the doctor says after I've seen him. But for now I'll concentrate on this week & worry about all of the 'other' stuff later. 

**edited 10:30pm. The blogger who mentioned the Gippsland yoghurt was New Mumma just in case you wish to go & visit her.


PoetessWug said...

Sooooo...a good news/bad news post, huh?!...Good yogurt...AND THANKS A LOT!! LOL We can't get that here I don't think!...And not so good news about the doctor's results. :-( It's a shame you have to wait so long to take the next step too! But whatever happens, stay positive. As I always say: It is what it is! However you have to deal with're still breathing in and out! So...a win! And there are lots of people successfully dealing with diabetes every day!...and thyroid issues too for that matter! So can you! :-]

Jo-anne "Blossy" said...

lol sorry Poetess about the yoghurt.
you're right it is a good/bad post.
I will have to remember that saying: It is what it is. I like it!
You are absolutely right there are a lot of people who cope really well with diabetes and thyroid conditions. I know I can too :)

Karen said...

Wow, I'm hoping and praying you won't be diabetic, Jo-anne! But if so, it is managable. I recently bought Better Homes & Gardens Biggest Book of Diabetic Recipes. During the month my mom visited, we we used 10 recipes.
I hope I had the good manners to thank you for the research you did about "yaya." If not, sorry! Thank you so much. I loved its meanings. So now I am one! Giving you a shout out today. blessings, k

Jo-anne "Blossy" said...

Hi Karen, thank you so much for your kind words & the tip about the BH&G recipes. They have an Australian publication of their Diabetic magazine here. Perhaps I should look into buying a copy. It certainly wouldn't hurt to at least have a look at one :)

Maria said...

Gippsland is my daughters favourite yoghurt. Good luck with the doctors

Jo-anne "Blossy" said...

Thank you Maria & I can see why it's your daughters favourite :)

Simonette said...

so you finally went to the grocery for yoghurt! :)
I'll be praying for your health. I've got relatives who are diabetic, and it's not something that should be taken for granted...
by the way, on your previous post, you included a video on entrelac. i tried it out!haha :) it was my first time to do that technique and i got hooked! haha :) i'm not good at it though.. looking forward to your crochet projects!

Jo-anne "Blossy" said...

Thank you so much Simonette.
I'm glad you got to try the entrelac crochet :) I still haven't managed to try that (yet) I've started knitting a little babies cardigan for now.