Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Tuesday Right? It Feels Like It's Monday

Why does it feel like a Monday morning? I know its Tuesday because I watched my Monday night programs on TV last night. Gosh public holidays sure do make things a tad confusing sometimes. For those of you who don't know the public holiday was for Queen Elizabeth's birthday. Not that her birthday is in June. Its actually the same day as Mark's b/day which was back in April. The reason that we celebrate in June is because the weather is much nicer in England so that the Trooping the Colour wont get rained on. It's a traditional parade for the reigning British monarch which started back in the 1700's.
Here's a video of some of it if you wish to see what its all about.

The boys will be be off school on Friday. Both of their schools have pupil-free days. Most likely so that the teachers can write up their reports. We never had a school closure when I was teaching. We had to write reports in our own time. I better get off that soapbox before I really get started.

I managed to finish that little baby blanket that I started the other day. Its not a very big one. Just large enough for a pram or something.(Just ignore the towels on the table. I had just been sorting & folding the clean washing).

I started making a baby bib last night. I tried knitting one but didn't like how it was turning out. It looked so rough & messy so I frogged it. I then tried following the same pattern but converting it to crochet. BIG mistake. I pulled that one apart too. I tried a different crochet pattern altogether and it looked way too small. I have now come to the conclusion that I will NEVER try to make a knitted or crocheted baby bib again and I will ONLY ever buy them. It will save me lots of headaches!

I just need to work out what I will be making for my nieces & their babies. Only thing is I don't feel like knitting right now & I am not terribly confident with reading crochet patterns yet. Maybe I shall shelve making something for them and trying something else. I did see a youtube video for an entralac blanket in crochet. I've included the first video below but there are at least 16 more on how to make it.

Hopefully today I will remember to phone my doctors surgery and get the results of that glucose tolerance test I had done last week. I forgot to phone last Friday. You're only meant to phone for test results between 1:30 and 2:30pm. I finally remembered at 4pm. Ooops. I've set up an alarm on my phone for today. Please cross your fingers for me that the results are okay.
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