Wednesday, June 01, 2011

We Found Some Bargains

Mark, Brodie & I went shopping for fun on yesterday afternoon. Harris Scarfe had a sale on and VIP customers (that would be me) who have a store card could purchase items at highly discounted prices (up to 70% off in some cases depending on what you chose) before the June clearance sale started today & if I showed this letter that I received I would get a further 10-20% off.

I wanted to get a new slow cooker as my one had a slight crack starting in the bottom and I didn't want to keep using it too much just in case it broke. I LOVE using my slow cooker!

We went into a couple of Op Shops on the way to Harris Scarfe. One of the shops had the insert for my slow cooker sitting on the shelf just begging for me to buy it. How odd is that? You never really see anything slow cooker related in second hand shops but there it was. Thank you Mark for spotting it & pointing it out :) Sometimes there is a good reason to take Mark shopping.

Here's my NEW slow cooker. It's about 6 litres in size. That's around twice the size of the old one. I used to run out of room with that one but I wont any more.

I love how it came with a recipe book. The instruction book also tells you how to adapt recipes. I am sure that my old cooker had the same sort of thing it is book but I lost that somewhere between the caravan park and this place when we moved. I am sure if I really look for it I might find it.

I suppose you are wondering why I even bought a new slow cooker since I bought the new insert for the old one. I'm giving the old one to Mark's brother. It's not like we really need to have two of them.

Nice and shiny huh. So it can show off ALL of our fingerprints :P

Mark is a coffee addict who now refuses to drink instant coffee. I blame his brother for this, not in a bad way though, but that being said, he did NOT drink coffee until his brother reintroduced it to him. Mark spotted this coffee maker in Harris Scarfe.

He was going to buy one of those little stove top ones like he already uses at home. Me being the softy that I am (plus the fact that Mark makes nearly all the payments on the store card) just smiled and thought that since I was getting a new slow cooker it wouldn't hurt for him to have a coffee maker.

Of course sitting right next to the coffee makers were the coffee grinders. Which as you can see we bought. While Mark was looking at the coffee stuff I went exploring ....

I found some new plates and bowls on the 'super' discounted table. I thought that they would look really nice on my cooking blog. Instead of me using the blue willow plates ALL the time (or the plastic ones that somehow seem to jump into the photos).

They look so pretty. I was trying to get all the sticker off before I took photos of them but they can really be stubborn to remove some times! I gave up and put them in the sink. Maybe the stickers will come off when I wash them later.

One of the stickers on this bowl said it was hand painted. I just like the earthy colours.

The last thing I spotted on the discount table was this cute little teapot. I don't use teapots very often but it looks so pretty & it was as cheap as any of the ones I looked at in the second hand shops.

I also bought some new pillows but I didn't think you'd be interested in photos of them. Who likes looking at boring old pillows any way?

Considering everything that we got I was pleasantly surprised when it was all added up at the cash register. Even Mark liked the idea on how much it cost or should I say on how little it really cost. All of this (except the op shop purchase) was less than the original price on the coffee maker! You've got to love a bargain or two or three ...
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