Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Playing Photographer

I have been playing with the camera on my phone recently just because I can & I wanted to share some of the photos I took with it.

My gorgeous boy looking all trendy in his cap. He looks like he could use a sleep from the look of this eyes. Hmm looks like his glasses could use a bit of a clean too. I'm forever telling him to clean them (and yes they are the expensive glasses I mentioned a while back).

This was a scrumptious hot chocolate that I had last week when Mark & I went out one morning for breakfast. We went to this little cafe here in town. It was the BEST hot chocolate EVER! I will definitely have to go back there and have another one just to make sure that it was as good as the first one.

I took this one while waiting for Brodie as the bus stop last week. Of course I had a little fun cropping and framing this one. I don't think it turned out too bad. At least every thing looks nice & green, well except for the Traci Tree (that's what I call deciduous trees because Traci just adores autumn and all of its colours) there in the middle of the photo but that looks pretty any way.

How about a self portrait? I took this one yesterday while I was waiting for Brodie at his bus stop. Of course I had to crop this photo. I didn't want to show everyone my double chins :P Thank goodness I had my sunnies on or you would've seen the bags under my eyes too. Considering how much I hate having my photo taken I thought I was very brave to even share this one being make-up free and all. Not that I ever really wear make up, except for maybe the lip gloss I had on that day. I'm not really a girly girl who dresses up a lot.

I think I take some pretty good photos with my phone :D
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