Sunday, June 05, 2011

My Yarn Addiction

Angus helped me sort out all of my yarn stash yesterday. I don't have a craft room (but when the kids finally move out of home I will but shhhh don't tell the boys). I was checking out some blogs that I follow and saw that there were some super clever people out there who sorted their stash via colour. It looked really good, almost like a colour wheel. So I thought I would do the same thing. It will make hunting through my boxes so much easier.

I put black, white & grey together. From the look of that box there is plenty of room for MORE skeins to be stuffed into it :D I'll work on that ..

All the reds, orange & yellow in this one. Not so much room left in this one but that's okay. I'll work on stuffing this one to the brim too ;)

Hmm .. the pinks & purples box. There is absolutely NO room left in this one. Angus and I had stuffed this one to the brim and squash the lid down. You know what that means don't you? I will have to buy another box just for the pinks & purples. I bet you thought I was going to say that I needed to start using it all up didn't you? :P

Hmm, how did that odd one get into the blue & green box? I guess you can live in there for now. After I took the photo of this one I found two balls of brown yarn. They are now residing in this box until I work out where they can go.

This next one has baby yarn in it & some cotton. I did find some more baby yarn that I also added to the box after the photos were done.

Would you believe that I found two more balls of pink after I packed all of the stuff away? There are still some bits & pieces lying around. Well not lying around they are placed in a bag hidden over by the couch where I sit and knit/crochet.

I know I am terrible but its my ONLY addiction honest. Its not like I go out and buy a whole heap of shoes or clothes. Its not like I buy it all and just make things for me. I seldom keep anything I make for myself. See I'm nice like that *wink, wink*

Now where do I place those huge balls of yarn that I bought in Coles the other day ....
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