Monday, June 06, 2011

Meet Me On Monday

Hosted by Java at Never Growing Old


1. What is was the last piece of candy that you ate?
2. Do you "read" in the bathroom?
3. I can't stand when someone _________?
4. Do you do daily, weekly or monthly grocery shopping?


My Answers!

1. What is was the last piece of candy that you ate?
I had some jelly beans the other day. All natural with no artificial colours. They were yummo & I really liked the sour ones.

2. Do you "read" in the bathroom?
NO I don't read in the bathroom. Although I do know of others in our house that do. I've actually dubbed it the 'reading room'.

3. I can't stand when someone _________?
I really don't like it when people mumble or mutter under their breath. If you have something to say please speak clearly so that we can all hear you.

4. Do you do daily, weekly or monthly grocery shopping?
I go shopping whenever I need something. I usually try doing a big shop at least once a fortnight (for my overseas friends a fortnight = two weeks) or even once a week if I am lucky and time permits. I tend to spend less when I don't have to rush into the shops to get something.


Vicki said...

Mmmm Jelly Beans... great flavor for something so little!

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

My grocery shopping no-no is going when I'm hungry - which everyone's heard is a gotcha - but I find myself doing it regardless - and they're right - I buy WAY more than I need!

Kristine said...

Mmmm. Sour jelly beans rule!!!!

Jo-anne "Blossy" said...

You're right Vicki jelly beans do have a lot of flavour :)

Donna, I know exactly what you mean about shopping when hungry. It leads to all sorts of things 'jumping' into the trolley!

I totally agree with you Kristine they do rule :)

Donna U said...

I haven't had a jelly bean in quite some time. I think it's because they are a slippery eat one, then another, then another... Thanks for stopping by Just One Donna.

PoetessWug said...

My last candy was some pieces of Russell Stover's Chocolates! YUM!!!...I do not understand the whole 'reading in the bathroom' thing! I go in there for a purpose. And it ain't to read! LOL...I don't like people who are judgememntal about other people's look, or what they wear, or where they're from, or how much money they have! I find it tiring and LOW-CLASS!!! Grow up people! It's a big ole world out here, with all kinds of people in it. Get used to it already!!...And groceries? Weekly...or Need-ly! :-))

Jo-anne "Blossy" said...

Donna U, that was the reason why I had jelly beans last week. Mark & I were talking about how long it had been since we had eaten them.

Jo-anne "Blossy" said...

Poetess, I know what you mean about reading in the bathroom. I totally agree with you about how some people are judgemental. There really are more important things for people to focus their interests on.

Karen in Texas said...

I shop bi-weekly here too Jo-anne. I try to leave hubby and the kids at home because I find I spend more when they're with me. If I'm hungry when I go I grab a cup of coffee and take it with me. I spend less with being hungry than with the family with me. LOL.

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

Jelly beans are my favorite! But I think you took all the fun out of them with that 'natural' stuff! ;-)

Jo-anne "Blossy" said...

Karen in Texas, I find that's what happens with me too. Although I do tend to take one of the boys with me now & then. They're good at picking up the really heavy stuff :)

Jo-anne "Blossy" said...

Beverly, I only bought the natural ones because they were on special :)

Amy said...

YUM! I haven't had jellybeans in ages.

Mumble annoys me two. Hubby does it when he doesn't want me to hear what he is saying... He is quickly learning that it is better to just spit it out, them mumble and huff under his breath.

Jo-anne "Blossy" said...

I know what you mean Amy. Its better to be up front that mumble.

I think it annoys me a lot because Mark is hearing impaired and people do that to him quite a bit. I often catch what they say and bail them up about it. Its really rude to do that to someone who is deaf.