Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Look Out Brodie Has Wheels!

Oh no, now we are in trouble! Brodie is on his way to becoming a licensed road user. Well kind of. He does at least have his own set of wheels. He just needs to work on getting his Learners permit. Brodz will need to wait until he is 18 ( I can't believe he is 18 next month) before he gets his permit though, its one of the requirements here in Victoria if you want to ride a motorbike or scooter.

Mark & Brodie went to the other side of Melbourne on Saturday to pick up this little beauty. Don't ask me what kind of scooter is it I have no idea other than the fact that it is a 50cc. They stashed the bike in the back of my poor Emi. Thank goodness I have a station wagon! Although Mark did bring a motorbike home a few years ago in the back of my poor little hatchback, Lily.

There are only one or two things that need to be fixed up before it is taken in for a roadworthy, where it will be checked over to see if it is safe enough for use on the road. Once it gets the 'all clear' then it can be registered.

When Brodie gets his learners he needs to do an approved rider training course before he is allowed to go on the road. He also needs to get the appropriate safety gear.

I wasn't all that sure about Brodie riding motorbikes or a scooter but I know that Mark will help Brodie become a safe rider. I just hope that Brodz takes notice of what he is taught by the riding school & by Mark. At least Brodie is one step closer to gaining some independence!

Oh and before I forget I will warn let my Aussie friends know when Brodie finally gets on the road. That way you can hand your license in keep an eye out for him.
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