Wednesday, June 08, 2011

My Wuglyees Scarf Got A Compliment

Here's my latest finished item. This is the first time I have ever made a crocheted baby item. Well apart from beanies. I think I did a great job too but I am biased! I know I said I was going to wait until I knew what sex the babies are that my nieces are expecting before making any baby clothes but I really wanted to see whether or not I could follow a pattern properly :D

I wanted to mention something about that lovely scarf I received from Poetess a few months ago. I told you about my receiving it in this post HERE. Well, I wore it yesterday because of that blustery cold and wet weather we are having. One of the receptionists at my Doctors surgery commented on its lovely colours so of course I had to explain how I got the scarf & how this wonderful lady from the US made it. You should go and check out Poetesses Etsy Shop, Wuglyees. She has some great stuff in it!

This is the scarf that I was wearing made by Poetess.

Speaking of Doctors. I had to go see mine about the blood tests I had last week. It seems that my glucose levels are playing up as well as my thyroid. So I need to have a glucose tolerance test (I only had one done 12 months ago & I was pre-diabetic then) and more bloods taken to check my thyroid function. Lucky me huh. I'm going today to get them over and done with. I'm crossing my fingers that I don't have diabetes but to be honest it would not surprise me if I did considering my Mum & one of my brothers, Wayne, had it.

Wish me luck!


Maria said...

Nice work with the baby cardi. Of course you have to practice to make it perfect. Line up the colours and go :-)

PoetessWug said...

Where do I begin here...I'm sure hoping it's not diabetes!!!! O_0 That's manageable, but Oh so much more work for you! I'm sending good thoughts about that...Next, the sweater is sooooo cute! Good job on your first. It'll be an endless obsession soon. 'Been there/done' that! :-)) And last, but not least, how cool about the Wuglyee Scarf!!! :-] It's so nice to hear when something you made someone is, first of all, really getting used! And 2nd, is getting some good attention!! Thanks for sharing that! Made my evening!!

Jo-anne "Blossy" said...

Thank you Maria. I think I need to keep practising though :D I sure do love how quickly I made it though compared to knitting. I {heart} crochet!

Jo-anne "Blossy" said...

Poetess, the weather here has been perfect for using your Wuglyee scarf :)its cold, wet and miserable. The scarf is so nice & snuggly & warm.
I am so loving crocheting baby things right now. They are so much easier to do than I thought they would be and so much faster than knitting.
The diabetes thing, well, I can phone my doctors surgery on Friday afternoon they should have the results by then. The practice Nurse should be able to tell me what's going on then and whether I need to make another appointment to see my doctor. I'll cross my fingers but the doctor seems to think I might have it. Oh well I'll worry about that on Friday :D