Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Poor Baby

Poor Angus, his friend cancelled on him last minute. Well he didn't even cancel. He just didn't turn up :(  Angus phoned him to find out where he was and his friend told him that he didn't want to see the movie that was chosen. I'm wondering if that kid ever learnt manners and etiquette. How rude is it not to let someone know that you have changed your mind? I'm not very impressed. Needless to say that Angus missed out on the movie but Brodie has offered to take him next weekend to see the new Transformer movie.

Here's what I have done so far of my entrelac crochet :)
I didn't get much crocheting done yesterday. I spent a lot of time googling diabetic friendly recipes and looking up more information. I can't wait to see the Practise Nurse I have a list of questions I wish to ask her. Questions such as: what are my ideal BSL's? what do I do if my BSL is too high? How often do I test and when? If you can think of questions that I could ask please let me know. I have my appointment Wednesday afternoon.

Brodie's farewell gift from Interchange


PoetessWug said...

Oh! Your blanket is so pretty!! It looks so involved too. Your crocheting skills are definitely improving. You've become an 'OLD PRO'! :-)...And how awful...what happened to Angus. :-( I've had some similar things happening to me lately. People are getting ruder and ruder these days. And even if it's not intentional it doesn't change how 'unrespected' it makes you feel. All of us would just like to know that people think so much of us that they would NEVER just forget us...or not care about us enough to call!!...Tell Angus I feel his pain. The same thing has happened to me twice this week!! I've decided to not take it personal, but to chock it up to people being bad-mannered. I don't excuse it in them, but I try to remember that at some time in my life I also was not as well-mannered as I am now. I'm going to give them a pass for now and hope they learn to grow I did. :-)

Jo-anne "Blossy" said...

Thank you Poetess. That means a lot coming from a crochet queen like you :)
Angus said thank you. Perhaps he will remind his friend (in a nice way I hope) when he sees him tomorrow that some manners wouldn't go astray.

Nelly said...

Hi I saw your link on Wugs blog.I too have a son with Aespergers he is 17 in Oct.He isnt too bad tho not like many others.He also has another syndrome cause by genes,.Anyway I am your newest follower.

Jo-anne "Blossy" said...

Hi Nelly it's nice to meet you.