Friday, June 17, 2011

Lucky Me, I Got To Sleep In Today

Well just a small sleep in because I was awake just after 8am. Considering its Friday during a school term that's not a bad thing. Both of the boys schools have a Pupil Free day today. I am assuming its so that they can write their report cards because they are due out soon. Even though they are both home I still wish they were at school. They were fighting nice & early! Let's hope that the rest of the day is better or I may end up pulling out some more hair and not necessarily my own!

Brodie is pretending to be an Emo kid by not smiling *rolls eyes*
I finished that baby's bib I was making the other day but I forgot to take a photo to share. Oh well. I did remember to take a photo of the cardigan that I am currently knitting. It's slow going and I had to pull apart a few rows because I had dropped a stitch and I couldn't work out how to fix it without ruining the pattern. What do you think of the variegated baby's wool? Pretty huh.

The cute little baby cardigan that I started knitting the other night.
I bought a magazine to have a read through. Its not my usual style of magazine it has absolutely nothing to do with knitting or crochet! Although I did look at a few of them at the newsagent but didn't feel that I should spend more money on something that I would probably not read more than a couple of times and the file it away somewhere to gather dust. Do you do that? Buy a magazine or book that you wont read over & over again. What do you do when you've finished reading them? I have a stack of craft magazines & cooking ones that I should go through and toss out the ones I know I wont bother with again. Maybe I should give them to the Op shops in town.

Just in case ... 
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